Welcome to Biomeds Without Borders

This is a place where Biomeds (BMETs, Clinical Engineers, Imaging Engineers) and other motivated individuals and companies can support the maintenance of medical equipment if other, less fortunate countries. 

A collection site for maintenance supplies for BMETs in other countries.  Basic model - encourage BMETs to collect old tools, test equipment, supplies, and cables of every type.   Send them to Pat where they can be sorted and distributed to third world BMETs.

Upcoming Trips

We have three trips in the near future, all of which have volunteer potential. 

1. We will return to Coban, Guatemala, where we installed a 16 bed NICU a couple of years ago.  It seems as if they have much equipment in need of repair.  It will take at least two BMETs, on of which much be a ventilator specialist.  Spanish language is a definite plus for this one-week trip.   Timeframe - February-March 2018

2. We rendezvous with a container of equipment in San Benito, Guatemala to install a 6 bed NICU and deploy some other medical devices, including some Drager Babylog 8000 ventilators.  Again, Spanish language would be of help on this trip, also.   We will fly to Guatemala City and then take a local airline to Flores to begin our weeklong work. Timeframe - March-April 2018    COMPLETED - Feb 25-March 3.  Robert Campbell and Pat Lynch travelled to Flores and San Benito, Guatemala.  The equipment had already been unpackaged and most was in use.  We found much of it not working and traced the problems to the fact that, apparently, 2 or 3 boxes were 'lost' during customs inspection.  We identified the missing accessories and more are being shipped from the US.  Many thanks to the Heineman Foundation and RPI for their generous donations.

3.  Our final trip on the docket is to Haiti.   A new hospital is being built near Cap Haitian, on the northern shore.  We are working with the Heineman Foundation to assemble an operating room which we will install there.  This should be a one week trip.  French is their native language, which would be very helpful.   Timeframe - April - July 2018 

Contact Pat Lynch if you have some ideas or can volunteer.  And watch you inbox for details as they become available.

Again, thanks to you all.             


What we do. . .

As a joint effort on the part of many organizations,individuals and companies, this site is the place to inspire you to donate your unneeded repair parts, tools, test equipment and supplies.  They are 100% sent to third world countries where trained BMETs await to fix the medical equipment that has been donated by well-meaning Americans.

Unfortunately, the medical equipment that is donated often does not work well in the harsh environment of a country with poor power, little air conditioning and lots of dust.  And to add to the problems, there is little access to service manuals, maintenance procedures, specialized tools, test equipment and even repair parts.

This is where the BMETs of the US come in.  We are encouraging everyone to implement a thorough house-cleaning, purging their shops and home workshops of the old and unused items that we all have laying about.

When you collect a boxful, send it to Pat Lynch at
222 Rampart St., Charlotte, NC 28203.  I will sort it and send it along to deserving BMETs around the world.

So far, we have sent items to BMETs in Rwanda, Africa and Honduras, Central America.  More is going to Guatemala next week.

We are looking for suggestions and contacts in other countries.  Please send the names and contact information of trained BMETs anywhere.  This program is open to all vetted BMETs, wherever they are.

Note:  We are NOT in the business of collecting or sending complete medical devices, as so many other organizations are dedicated to.  We specialize in the tools and resources that working BMETs need to carry out their jobs.  But we will accept repair parts for medical devices that are located in other countries.

Note:  We never sell anything that is donated.  And our recipients are instructed not to sell the items we give them. 

For additional information, contact
Patrick K. Lynch, CCE, CBET, fACCE
President, HTMA-SC
Chief Do-Gooder


Power Cords (US or European)

Interconnect cables (computer, video, usb)

Patient cables


Temperature probes (for infant incubators)

Drill bits


Penetrating oil

WD 40

3-in-1 oil

Extension cords

Cube Taps

Multi Outlet strips

Hookup wire

Molex Connectors


Components (resistors, caps, bridges, etc.)

Coax Cables

Ties Wraps, all sizes

Tie Wraps, label

JB Weld or epoxy glue

RTV Silicone Sealant

Goof Off Graffetti Remover

Shop Rags

Cordage, AC, all gauges, all lengths

Heat shrink

Electrical tape

Solderless Connectors


Solder Wick

Misc hardware (screws, fasteners, etc.)

Permanent Markers


Hand Sanitizer

String Tags (for attaching service notes to equipment under repair)


Hand Sanitizer

Ultrasound Gel

Spare Parts

ECG Paper

Thermal Paper

Pressure / Vacuum gauges and fittings

Tapes, electrics, duct, teflon

Heat Shrink

Wire, bulk or spools, all types

Spec sheets

Sales literature

X-ray Measurement instruments

Electrical tape - self adhesive

Tool boxes (with or without tools)






USB hubs

Thumb drives


Hard Cases



Test Equipment

ECG Simulator

Ultrasound Phantom

Meter, Volt

Video Simulator

Label Maker (and spare labels)

Outlet tester

Video Converter (BNC to VGA)

Any  hand tools, no matter what condition, old or new.

Power supply, DC, Variable

Soldering irons, all powers

Desoldering tool (suction)

Pressure Monitor



Repair Parts

Casters / wheels

Device-specific parts


Hardware, nuts, bolts, screws, washers

Mechanical Repair Tools


Drill Bits

Polishing wheels

Grinding Wheels


Pry Bars

Personal Protective Equipment


Hard Hats

Gloves (Leather)

Hearing protection

Hand Sanitizer

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