What needs to be taught to Biomeds in other countries?

  • 14 Aug 2013 3:35 PM
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    Deleted user
    I just read AAMI's Core Curriculum.  It is great!      For the US. 

    But I read it with a critical eye.  Based upon my limited experience teaching abroad, I checked off those things that I would need for a local Biomed to know for me to be able to walk his/her through some diagnosis and repairs.  I found that over 50% of the skills listed in the curriculum are not needs.
    Here are some of the major areas not required overseas:

    Customer relations
    Codes and standards
    Fourier analysis
    Computer and IT skills
    CIrcuit analysis (series, parallel, Kirchoff
    Transistor amplifiers
    Microprocessor operation
    Op Amps
    Cell function
    Almost all physics
    All chemistry
    Most writing skills
    All management training

    It isn't that these aren't important inthe US, but most are not relevant in other countries, and the nature of the job is to repair broken items.  Excat replacement parts are used.  Manufacturers are depended upon to help with troubleshooting. 

    I welcome comments.

    Patrick Lynch
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  • 25 Mar 2015 6:43 PM
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    Ron Morey

    Pat, I have taught a number of courses overseas through EWH, International Aid and Trimedx Foundation. I would agree with your list of non-important subjects, for the most part. Depending on the level of the students and the state of health care in their country I would probably add electronic components and circuits. Many countries are still in the realm of component troubleshooting when needed. Most of the work is mechanical or basic electrical. I would add electrical safety and leakage currents in the hopes they would pay attention to it. I have the schematics for a very simple safety analyzer if you are interested. If there was a need for component theory I would also add some math. Just algebra and basic formulas. Other than that I agree that a western style Biomed curriculum may not be the best for them. Consider where North America and Europe were in health care about 50 years ago. Developing nations are trying to jump from there to today. Some areas are proficient and well equipped. Many are not.

    Best Regards, Ron. 

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